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What is ‘’Aluminum Board”?


Aluminum Board are a unique metal-based copper clad laminate excellent thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength and dimension stability.

Which industrial area uses it?


Aluminium board, also named IMS is used on all those activities mainly because of the LED application increasing years after years. Aluminium is use like a heat sink. Thanks to different base material available from several base material supplier (see the table below). All application can find the proper base material whatever the industrial application is.

What can offer ICAPE Group?


- Application

High power and thermal heat dissipation are the applications for the Aluminum board. Aluminum is used for bendable MCPCB and is the most cost effective base material for flat MCPCB.


- Design Rules

Aluminum board is commonly divided into three layers:

 Circuit layer (copper thickness).

 Dielectric layer (also known as Insulated layer, it’s the thermal insulation material).

 Base layer (the aluminum substrate, could also be copper or stainless steel).


Standard MCPCB: Single Sided Metal Core



3D Flexible MCPCB





Benefits to use Aluminum board with ICAPE

Low Cost: Given that Aluminum is the metal who can be found in many places on earth and that Aluminum is recyclable its cost is extremely lower compared to other metals.

Heat Dissipation: What is worse than high temperature who can cause serious damage to electronics parts? With its high temperature tolerances, we can easily add higher density of LEDs on the Aluminum Board. You now understand that Aluminum board is greatly better to standard FR-4 in helping to dissipate heat while efficiency thermal transfer.

High Durability: Aluminum board brings strength and durability instead to fiberglass layer. Its strength is also an advantage during the manufacturing process and everyday use.

Lightweight: In addition to its durability, Aluminum board is one of the lightweight metal.

IMS production is a young technology created for LED application. This is used on a lot of industrial field and more and more developed on any lighting product.

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