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The New Way to success against unprecedented challenges

ICAPE USA takes pride in understanding your post pandemic challenges to provide the most comprehensive solution for your Printed Circuit Boards or Technical Parts

Our values are the foundation of what makes ICAPE USA successful. Our team is committed to: creating a fair workplace environment for ICAPE USA employees, respecting the unique situations of our factory partners and customers and ensuring uncompromising compliance with regulatory or environmental laws and ethical practices.

Customer Care

The requests for PCBs or Technical Parts are managed by our local teams, ensuring accurate communication with our factory partners in order to provide you with the right product in an optimal time and with the best value.


We have teams of qualified engineers dedicated to quality control and quality assurance. On request, your product can receive additional inspection and laboratory analysis in our Indianapolis center before shipment to you.

Expert and Technology

We believe our experts in Design, Fabrication, Assembly, and Laboratory are not matched by anyone. We offer custom solutions to your Printed Circuit Board and Technical Part needs because our experts can guide you through the myriad of options to select the optimal solution. We specialize in understanding unique situations and offer customized solutions to your problems.


Our services are tailored to your unique needs. In the end, we provide custom PCBs and Technical Parts, but in the middle, we provide a complete set of unique solutions to support your sourcing needs.

Worldwide organization

19 ICAPE Business Units and 3 CIPEM Business Units ICAPE USA is supported by the ICAPE group and its 19 worldwide locations. Should the USA team need input from anywhere on the globe, these resources all coordinate through the International Technical Directors who are industry experts in all disciplines. This allows you to have access to best practices globally for your application.

ECompliance with environmental & ethical regulations

We all live on the same plant. We breath the same air and depend on the rivers and oceans. This is our legacy to our children and Grandchildren. Entities that do not share a commitment to preserving and improving the global environment should be banned. It is crucial to ICAPE USA that our quality team validate the environmental compliance of our manufacturing partners both foreign and domestic. We will not do business with a factory partner that does not comply with the regulatory and ethical standards demanded in Western countries.

Who We are

Since 2010, ICAPE USA, LLC has been providing Printed Circuit Boards and Customized Technical Parts. We believe our strength lies in our ability to work with your technical resources to translate their needs into the language of a global supply network. Our Midwest technical center has engineers that have deep experience in Design, Fabrication, Assembly, and Laboratory Analysis to guide you through the global market to select the optimum suppliers for your unique needs.

We have a unique ability to use our global presence to assist our customers with any issue they may have. In addition to our Indianapolis technical center, we have technical resources most places in the world where electronic manufacturing occurs. These resources can be utilized when travel is not possible.

ICAPE USA is focused on developing its online presence to better serve its customers. If you want to utilize our on-line services for Printed Circuit Boards, connect to www.icape-shop.com.

You can order Customized Technical Parts online at www.cipem-shop.com.

ICAPE USA marked another milestone by joining forces with DIVSYS International, based in Indianapolis, USA. DIVSYS was a spin off of a 38-year old company that offered design Fabrication, Assembly and Laboratory Services. With this acquisition, ICAPE USA established the North American Technical Center and Analytical Laboratory in Indianapolis. This combination of experts (Design, Fabrication, Laboratory) is unique in our industry and is a value-add to our customers that no competitor can match. Our PCB customers can access engineers that can assist with your assembly issues as well as PCB issues. This service is unparalleled in our industry.