CIPEM offers a wide range of high performance Custom Membrane Switch Keypads.

The Membrane Switch keypads is made in different Plastic Film material and doble side adhesive with graphic printing and printed electronic circuit.

Following information to show what kinf of materials were often used.

What's a membrane switch?

A membrane switch, also called a membrane keyboard or membrane keypad, is a switching device comprised of a series of flexible layers of polymer films and adhesives.

The upper most layer of a membrane switch panel is typically called a graphic overlay, and is produced by printing on the second surface of clear polyester or polycarbonate film. Circuitry is created by screen printing conductive silver ink.

Tactile devices can easily be incorporated into the membrane switch to provide feedback to the operator that the switch has been activated. Other electronic components can be implemented, as well, such as discrete LEDs, backlighting sources, and connectors that make membrane switches easy to integrate into other systems or devices.


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