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The worldwide transportation situation in November 2021

Global logistics resources are affected by difficult economic conditions. In a sector already impacted by the health crisis, the situation is deteriorating and will continue to deteriorate until the Chinese New Year with an increase in transport times and costs.

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Overall, the freight transport sector remains in a complex and tense situation. While economic activity is recovering from the Covid-19 crisis with growing market demand, transport capacities remain severely limited and are subject to unfavorable sanitary and weather constraints.

As a result, as of November 1, carriers have reassessed the peak period surcharge that applies to all international shipments.
In a concern of transparency and thanks to the logistic power of ICAPE Group, you benefit from the most precise global quotation at the time of the order. However, according to the evolution of the situation, additional costs can be passed on to some shipments.
Lack of space and equipment at carriers, shortage of containers, increasing demand and rising oil prices make the current situation in global logistics difficult. In addition to these material problems, there are reinforced sanitary constraints in China to counter a resumption of the Covid-19 epidemic (a case detected in a port or airport leads to the immediate interruption of service), but also difficulties linked to the weather since a cyclone hit South-East Asia in October and generated major closures or delivery delays.

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Although maritime transport has resumed, a weight restriction measure was put in place on 25 October by the express operators, limiting shipments to 100 kg per day and per customer. This measure could remain in place until the end of 2021 and the overall situation is expected to remain volatile until the end of the Chinese New Year vacations. ICAPE Group remains fully committed to your side with all its logistics services to inform you in real time of the evolution of the situation, and to offer you the most accurate options, following your strategy.

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