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A new start for DIVSYS-ICAPE!

Since 2018 and the merger of DIVSYS International LLC with the global organization ICAPE Group, a new step has recently been taken to bring even higher the level of services in the United States, under the leadership of Guillaume Chauvet, the new director of DIVSYS International-ICAPE.

DIVSYS International, LLC is an American company based in Indianapolis, Indiana. This company was founded in 2010 on the roots of Diversified System, Inc., a leading PCB designer, manufacturer, and assembler of high-tech products. In 2018, the company joined ICAPE Group and helped improve the quality and production capacity of ICAPE Group in North America, which is the company's largest market.

In 2019, ICAPE Group made significant investments for the factory, the laboratory, but also in the recruitment of highly qualified experts to strengthen this historic organization on the American electronics market, under the leadership of Guillaume Chauvet: “I was surprised by the level of expertise of DIVSYS-ICAPE. I have worked and visited several factories in Europe, Asia, and America and DIVSYS-ICAPE is, for me, the company with the highest technical expertise. Thanks to Diversified System, more than half of our team has over 15 years of experience in the electronics market and this is our main success factor. Thanks to ICAPE Group, we had the opportunity to invest more than 1.5 M USD in new equipment in 2019 and 2020. We have the latest machines on the market and a state of the art set up. We have ambitious goals for the years to come and these new investments allow us to have the capacity to achieve them."

The objective of DIVSYS-ICAPE is to reach 6 million USD of sales revenue in 2021 and to reach 15 million in 2025. An ambitious objective, but Guillaume Chauvet is confident: “With the 4 locations we have in the US and our office in Mexico, we can have a strong sales presence throughout the North American market. The sales network of our competitors cannot be compared to ours. Our main markets are the automotive and medical market, but we also have customers in other markets such as industrial or telecommunications. Our strong sales presence on the continent is not the only strength of DIVSYS-ICAPE. Stanley Bentley, Technical Director, is one of the most experienced experts in the US PCB industry. After more than 40 years leading a technical team in this field, Stan is a major asset in mitigation production risks. His knowledge of all processes makes a huge difference in producing high quality, highly complex PCBs at the first iteration.

Alongside the 25 employees of DIVSYS-ICAPE, this duo is more than ever motivated to bring the company to another level despite a particular context, with the spread of the Coronavirus and the consequences that it had on the economy: “We are in a new world with this pandemic and we need new tools to communicate with customers. Our marketing team has done a very good job and we can see that despite the pandemic the number of opportunities is increasing for us”

Guillaume Chauvet
Director of DIVSYS-ICAPE “I come from the EMS market. I had the opportunity to work in different EMS companies, in very demanding markets, mainly automotive and railway. I am fortunate to combine skills and experience in sales and engineering. I have been passionate about electronics since my beginnings in engineering school. The US is a new culture for me, but I'm used to working with different nationalities and in an international context. Moving from Estonia to the United States is a leap into another culture, but I like to experience new cultures and customs.”

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