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New restrictions on the shenzhen area could affect the pcb supply chain

The Covid-19 situation is getting better all around the world, but the city of Shenzhen in the south of China has been placed under new restrictions because of a jump of new cases for at least one week. As some of our partner factories are located in Shenzhen, the PCB and Technical Parts production could be delayed for one week or more, depending on the evolution of the situation.

China has placed 17,5 million residents of the city of Shenzhen into lockdown, for at least one week, to prevent the growth of positive cases of Covid-19 over the last few weeks. All public transportation and businesses have been closed, including our production plants, located in the city. Unfortunately, some of our customers’ supply chain will be affected.

ICAPE Group can rely on a strategic network of partner factories, in Asia, in the Americas, and in South Africa to prevent important disruption. On 80 factories in our Network, 11 factories are impacted. Our sourcing, purchasing and logistics departments are constantly monitoring the situation from our headquarters in China, to anticipate and offer the best solutions for our customers. Our teams remain available at any time to inform our customers and provide them with strategic solutions, according to the situation.

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