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JAPCC joins ICAPE Group and becomes ICAPE Netherlands

The rise of ICAPE Group continues as the French-based Printed Circuit Boards and Custom made Technical part suppliers made another strategic move on the European market with the acquisition of JAPCC, in the Netherlands. This new business unit offers a local window in this promising country thanks to a highly qualified team with almost a century of combined experience, and an ultramodern facility.

ICAPE Group and JAPCC side by side, looking forward a bright future and ready to serve customers.

ICAPE Group and JAPCC side by side, looking forward a bright future and ready to serve customers.

Founded in 2003, JAPCC is a solid structure which supplies quality and technical products to the Dutch and German market and relies on a strong AVL, mainly in Asia. With 18 years of experience in the electronic industry, this merger is a great addition for ICAPE Group and its strategy of expansion on the European continent. After the Opening of business Units in Poland, in Sweden, the acquisition of BAE in Germany, the acquisition of IDELEC in France, ICAPE Group continues to gather strengths and talents. In November 2021, Cyril Calvignac, CEO of ICAPE Group, and Melvin Brummelhuis, CEO of JAPCC united the forces of the companies they lead toward an ambitious project, under the banner of ICAPE Netherlands: “The partnership between ICAPE Group and JAPCC allows us to offer our customers a wider range of products, technologies, service, and suppliers. Partly due to the global footprint of ICAPE Group, with headquarters in France, America, and China, we can benefit in the current market of globalization and scaling up, but certainly be there for all customers, from small to large. This step also creates great growth opportunities for an expansion of our activities on the Dutch market and a further expansion on the German market. Together with CIPEM’s products, we also hope to be able to realize our strategy «serving the customers’ needs of Technical Parts» even better”, said Mr. Brummelhuis.

JAPCC Office

ICAPE Group is also very optimistic about this situation as the company can start to work with a 100% business ready team and offices, as explained by Mr. Cyril Calvignac: “ICAPE Group is established and efficient in Germany and we have been looking at the Netherlands for a few years now. It is a dynamic country with real industrial potential. Our policy has always been to offer the closest proximity to our customers while ensuring them the quality of service of an international group. We are extremely happy and confident to welcome JAPCC to our family. We studied how this team proceeds and they are very organized, professional, and dedicated to their customers. ICAPE Group will benefit from new projects and customers, reinforce its AVL, and ICAPE Netherlands can rely on our strong organization and all the services offered by our headquarters in Asia. It’s a win-win combination and we walk together in the same direction with high objectives!”

PCB Microscope

For ICAPE Group, this new office and facility in Eibergen is also a strategic move for its logistic organization. Recently, the ICAPE Group benefited from an increase in its logistics capacities in Germany with a new base in Nuremberg and is working to optimize its transport and storage forces in France and Sweden. With an addition of a 340m2 warehouse inside the offices of ICAPE Netherlands, ICAPE Group is now able to offer multiple options to its customers for reducing the lead times and better control the costs. A bright future is ahead of ICAPE Netherlands as the company expects a 30% growth in 2022 and for the years to come: “We are prepared for the future and look forward to it with confidence”, concludes Melvin Brummelhuis.

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