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ICAPE Group will reach 600 employees in 2022

In 1999, it was with a handful of collaborators that Mr Thierry Ballenghien founded ICAPE Group. Today, the small French company has become a multinational that operates in 22 countries and will have 600 employees in 2022.


Recruitment is one of the growth indicators of a company and every month new talents join the ICAPE Group. The small company based on an avant-garde vision of the electronics industry, has come a long way and explored all the horizons of the planet during these last 20 years since in 1999, when it was created, it only had 5 employees. At the end of 2021, it had 567 and it has delivered more than 380 million electronic parts in more than 70 countries! Sales agents located in some countries are now business leaders and some of the group’s business units have up to 20 employees, the group has a service office in China with nearly 300 employees and offering a full range of services close to the network of partner factories, and the various departments essential to the proper functioning of ICAPE Group such as legal, accounting, marketing, E-Shop development services or even the technical service are developing, strengthen and structure themselves.

Thomas Chea, VP ICAPE Group, surrounded by Daniel Dock (left) and Iegsaan Khan (right)

A clear acceleration in recruitment was essential in 2021 to support an increase in business volume of more than 35%, and to meet market demand. In fact, since January 1, 2021, 167 new employees have signed an employment contract with ICAPE Group. Among them, 70 employees have joined the company thanks to a strategic acquisition and consolidation policy. Almost all of the employees of IDELEC (France), BA Elektronik (Germany), JAPCC (Netherlands) and Trax Group (South Africa) have decided to continue their professional career with ICAPE Group. following the acquisitions of their respective companies. The commercial development of some has even already led to new recruitments for these structures, perfectly integrated into the global organization of ICAPE Group. While projections for 2022 are already very promising, ICAPE Group will pass the 600 employee milestone and continue to call on its human resources department with new research each week.

No less than 24 active recruitments are in progress, all over the world for many trades such as quality, marketing, sales, human resources and customer service. Go to to discover all the job offers!

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