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ICAPE Group launches a second business structure in France!

ICAPE Group continues to grow by launching its new offices in Lyon (France) that are dedicated to hosting the IDELEC-ICAPE and ICAPE Group structures to provide support for clients in a particularly dynamic location in the electronic industry.

ICAPE Group acheive an epic year 2021!

Historically, ICAPE Group has always put its customers’ proximity at the center of its concerns. Therefore, the group has deployed in many countries around the world since 1999: 26 business units have been opened on the European, American, and Asian continents.

ICAPE Group acheive an epic year 2021!

Since the acquisition of IDELEC in 2021, ICAPE Group was physically established in the Rhône-Alpes region, a very dynamic location for the European and French electronic industry. Recently, ICAPE Group has occupied a new working space with the opening of a new structure. It brings together the IDELEC-ICAPE team that previously worked in Annecy and a part of ICAPE Group, that previously worked in the headquarters of the Parisian region, to whom the French company spontaneously offered the opportunity to settle down to start a new life, in a CSR approach.

It is in the business center of Lyon, in the third district where the 170 square meters of offices of this new team are located, dedicated to the management, hosting, and visiting clients with increased reactivity and efficiency. As a reminder, ICAPE Group now has 100 employees throughout France.

42 Avenue Georges Pompidou,
1st Floor
69003 Lyon

Tel: +334 72 34 76 02

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