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ICAPE GROUP deploys new logistics solutions for shorter lead times and better prices!

ICAPE Group has entered a new era with his logistics organization. The group’s customers benefit from a new facility and an increased capacity of storage in the strategic place of Nuremberg. This boost of ICAPE Group’s logistics organization in Germany is a massive upgrade which provides many advantages such as reduced lead times and a better control of the transportation costs.

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More than ever, logistics plays a great part in the supply chains of the electronic industry. Each year, ICAPE Group delivers more than 5000 tons of electronics products to 3000 customers, in 70 countries. Following an important growth of orders and traffic in 2021, ICAPE Group has decided to improve its storage and logistics capacities with a new base in Nuremberg to reduce the distance and the lead times between the main capitals of Europe and to benefit from better rates for freight and distribution with every transportation solution available. ICAPE Group deployed its strategy according to three main axes. The first one is the consolidation of its logistics flows to their cross-docking platforms in Europe, the development of CMI/VMI and call-off solutions for their customers, and of course, the improvement of the control of the logistics at destination regarding the costs, the lead times, and the quality. Until now, the French-based company optimized its warehouse at its headquarters of Fontenay aux Roses, close to Paris, to manage the deliveries in Europe.


The consequences of the pandemic are numerous and impact the cost of raw materials, but also the price of transport. In this context, the objective of ICAPE Group is to fight these increases. This new structure makes it possible to better control the costs linked to transport and storage, but also offers efficient tools to ensure the follow-up of shipments thanks to an online platform that is integrated into the logistics tools of ICAPE Group.


The ideal location of this logistics center allows ICAPE Group to reduce shipping times from 1 to 2 days on average, to be even more competitive on small and medium volumes. With this new platform, ICAPE Group is in an ideal position to support the expansion of its business volume in Northern and Eastern Europe by offering efficient, adapted and cost-effective logistics solutions. To learn more about ICAPE Group’s logistics new offers, visit or contact your local windows today!

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