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Icape group controls impedance with the highest precision

ICAPE Group is a world leader supplier in the Printed Circuit board industry. In addition to its 75 partner factories network in Asia, the group can rely on a strong worldwide organization and a full services office in China, which includes two state of art laboratories with the best equipment to provide all the test requested by IPC standards. Impedance control makes no exception and ICAPE Group laboratory ensures reliable, and precise results with the best equipment in the world.

Impedance test

With more than 500 employees around the world, ICAPE Group is committed to offer the best services to its +3000 customers and ship 28 million electronic pieces in 70 countries, each month. In addition to the quality control directly operated on site during the production processes at our partner factories, ICAPE Group has its own analysis laboratory in China and in the USA, to ensure the perfect quality and reliability of its delivered products. More than 2 million euros have been recently invested in the two laboratories on the latest equipment available, such as the Polar CTIS880S and the software Speedstack.

Many PCB designers are pushing performance boundaries in the aero, communications and IT industries by using differential signal and balanced traces to improve noise immunity and reduce timing errors on very high-speed interconnects. ICAPE Group’s laboratory is ready for this challenge.

Polar CTIS880s instrument

Polar CTIS880s instrument

The Polar CTIS880s is the world leading equipment for impedance control. The ninth generation of impedance test system from Polar allows ICAPE Group to ensure the signal integrity of its printed circuit boards whenever the edge speeds of digital signals are faster than 1ns or analog signals climb above 300MHz. The tester machine works with the ultimate software Speedstack PCB.

Speedstack PCB

Speedstack PCB

Speedstack PCB allows ICAPE Group to simulate rigid and flex-rigid PCB stackups, with error-free documentation for tighter control over the finished board. This tool was developed by Polar for its machine to provide a very precise calculation of impedance. It also provides the flexibility to quickly calculate the impact of substituting alternative materials to improve manufacturability and reduce cost while maintaining the specified parameters and performance of the board. For ICAPE Group’s customers, it’s a significant advantage that helps engineers to validate or correct their designs, before the production processes, which allows a massive save of time and costs for the development of the products by choosing the right solutions from the first production batch. Contact your local sales engineer for more information about Impedance Control and ICAPE Group’s laboratories capabilities.

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