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ICAPE Group acquires CEBISA France

ICAPE Group acquires the French PCB Supplier CEBISA France. 100% of CEBISA’s activities are transferred to ICAPE France, the French subsidiary of ICAPE Group.

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In line with its external growth strategy, ICAPE Group is taking another step forward in the French electronics industry market with the acquisition of CEBISA France. Printed circuit board supplier since 1996. In 2021 CEBISA achieved a turnover of 2.8 million Euros with its 50 customers spread throughout Europe.

CEBISA France and ICAPE Group teams have been working on this project for several months. Based a common desire for the success of this acquisition, it was nevertheless necessary to plan all the operations in order to ensure a transparent and advantageous transition for CEBISA's customers, as assured by the CEO of ICAPE Group Cyril Calvignac:

“We are very happy to have sealed this agreement with CEBISA France, whose activities are transferred to the teams of ICAPE France. With this new important step, ICAPE Group strengthens its leading position on the French electronic supplier’s market. CEBISA France customers now benefit from ICAPE Group's full range of services, and we guarantee them the clearest and smoothest transition possible."

Stéphane Ivetich, CEO of CEBISA France, has chosen ICAPE Group for the resumption of its activity with the aim of offering its customers optimal monitoring of their projects and allowing them to benefit from all the services of a world class organization: “In this new industrial era, we owe our customers a good level of performance and quality, which we provide today at CEBISA France. The transition to ICAPE Group of our customers will ensure the sustainability and the optimization The agreement between the two companies was signed in Paris on January 26 and is effective since March 18th. ICAPE France is now fully operational to manage CEBISA’s customers and supply them with all the services of ICAPE Group’s organization.

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