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ICAPE Group achieve an epic year 2021!

In the face of all the challenges that 2021 brought to the industry, ICAPE Group and its partners, customers and employees have achieved a breaking record year with the highest numbers of the company’s history. Let’s have a last look in the mirrors before heading to an ambitious 2022 year!

ICAPE Group acheive an epic year 2021!

The world situation was quite uncertain, back in January. After a very difficult year in 2020, with the COVID 19 pandemic and all the economic consequences, 2021 was a big test for the companies. But as a wise director of ICAPE Group said one day, when riding a bike uphill, it’s not recommended to use the brakes! And that’s exactly what ICAPE Group has done.

Thanks to a solid basis and decent results in 2020, ICAPE Group decided to apply its strategy of acquisitions and mergers, business unit opening, and logistics reinforcement all around the world. The first important move was made in the first quarter of the year, with the acquisition of BA Elektronik in Eastern Germany and few months later, IDELEC came onboard in France. Meanwhile, ICAPE Group started the building of new offices in Sweden, of a new logistics center in France, and benefit from a new ultra-modern logistics base in Nuremberg, Germany.

At the end of the second quarter of the year, ICAPE Group knew that something big was coming as the results of the company were above all predictions at that time. All the efforts and the investments made were connected to the market, and remote solutions were deployed and improved to face traveling difficulties such as the virtual booth, a massive amount of technical webinars, and our virtual audits and factory tours.

In Asia, the purchasing team developed the factory partners network for meeting our customers’ requests on high tech products, ensuring the best lead times and fighting the prices increases in production and transportation with success, with new options available in our network in Asia, in the Americas, and in Africa! Indeed, in November, ICAPE Group finalized the acquisition of Trax Group in South Africa and opened its business opportunities in the African continent with a new profit center and a factory. A first time for the company! Still, in November, ICAPE Group and JAPCC joined their forces in the Netherlands. This strategic move opens new opportunities by entering a dynamic country in Europe.

All those highlighted actions combined with extra motivation from all the sales force, the service offices and all the employees of the company led to an impressive result: +35% growth on the whole year with a revenue of 170 million euros in 2021! For sure, this dreamed and concretized objective appeals for more features, news, and projects for the upcoming year. More than ever, ICAPE Group is dedicated to its mission, bringing its expertise, its services, and its competitiveness to our customers with the closest proximity, the higher precision, and the less impact on our environment. All of us are very excited for 2022. We wish you the best for this new year!

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