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CIPEM, your best companion for technical parts manufactured in China

ICAPE Group, European leader in Printed Circuit Board production (PCB) and Custom-Made Technical Parts, announced today the successful development of its daughter company CIPEM.

Founded in 2004, CIPEM is the subsidiary of ICAPE Group specialized in Custom-Made Technical Parts “Made in China”. CIPEM product portfolio includes 6 families: Metal Parts et Boxes, Power Supplies, Cable assemblies and Connectors, Plastic Parts, Keyboard and Keypad, LED & LCD. It ideally completes the offer of ICAPE in high quality printed circuit board to its customers for their electronic assemblies, with excellent quality, on time delivery and on a world-wide basis.

"After the PCB they buy from ICAPE group, with CIPEM, our customers will further save costs in the Bill Of Materials (BOM) of their products. This is enabled by our extensive network of 50 partner suppliers in the 6 product families, as well as by our team of product specialists to closely follow up the quality and performance of the products”, said Marc LHOSTE, Director of CIPEM, “Moreover, when buying from CIPEM, customers will benefit from the full set of services provided by the large office of ICAPE Group in the south of China, with 65 specialists taking care of purchasing, quality control, engineering, customer services and logistics. In particular, customers will take advantage of the best logistic costs as their orders will be part of the very high volume ICAPE Group ships daily all over the world: 6 Millions of PCB and 2 Millions of technical parts every month.“ Continued and concluded Thomas CHEA, Marketing Director.

8 years after its foundation, CIPEM has successfully helped lot of customers of ICAPE Group to make their product more competitive and contributed to their success stories, in particular with its top 3 families: Metal Parts et Boxes, Power Supplies, Cable assemblies and Connectors.

We warmly invite you to discover further details of CIPEM offer on our website.

Please contact us and we will be delighted to accompany you in your future success!

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