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August-September 2018 ICAPE Group and DIVSYS International have recently disclosed the long-time planned union of their business operations to offer a global and unified PCB services solution to the BtoB market

American media: PCB Iconnec007US TechWNIESmttodayFrench media: Electronique S Electronique Mag Usine Nouvelle Vipress CFnewsBrazil media: IPESI

July 2018 As every two years, ICAPE Group will be present at the most important electronic show in Europe, Electronica in Munich - 13th/16th November 2018.

June 2018 On an Italian website, emiliaromagnanews24, ICAPE Group provided "Technical Days" to deepen Electronic knowledge of its customers and prospects.

June 2018 On an Italian website, gazzettadellemilia, ICAPE Group promoted its own Electronic event, "Technical Days", to develop the Electronic knowledge of customers and prospects

June 2018 On an Italian website, modenatoday, ICAPE Group communicated about an event "Technical Days" to allow its customers and prospects to deepen their Electronic knowledge.

June 2018 IPESI introduces the group on a Brazil website.

May 2018 On Magazine PLUS in Germany, ICAPE Group presents a major technology in Printed Circuit Boards Market, Flex Rigid.

April 2018 On PCB Magazine in Italy, ICAPE Group focus one of PCB Technology, Heavy Copper

January 2018 ICAPE Group reach €100M revenue

January 2015 ICAPE Group moves to new HQ

January 2015 New office of the Group in France, in Fontenay-Aux-Roses

October 2014 The Group introduces a new service for Quick Turn PCB!

December 2014 ICAPE - 'conflict-free minerals' compliant!

September 2013 ICAPE Group is supported by FIMIEEC to support the group's development.

. May 2011 Speech by Mr Ballenghien, Director of the Group on the Future of PCB.