Flexible printed circuits (FPC

Quality FPC at competitive costs from China !

• FPC and Flex-rigid

• Single Side FPC
• Double side FPC with plated through holes
• Multi layer FPC (4 to 8 layers)
• Flex-rigid PCBs
• Flexible polyester PCBs with printed silver track
• Flexible on aluminium base plate
• Special Flex-Rigid PCB on aluminum base plate for automotive lighting applications

Technical alternatives for FPC:

• Polyimide or PEN or polyester material?  (depends on product operating temperature)
• Static or dynamic application? (will impact the copper structure and raw material choice )
• Raw material with or without adhesive? (for higher reliability applications)
• Coverlay soldermask or photosensitive soldermask or UV soldermask or thermal ink soldermask? (for dynamic applications and according to environment)
• Production « roll to roll » fully automatic or « panel to panel »?
• With shielding layers, stiffeners, components/connectors mounting, with peelable adhesive?
• HDI with fine tracks (with laser holes).

Nowadays, Flex PCB (or FPC) is used in lot of electronic products, especially those implemented in the congested areas and requiring dynamic or static flexion. They are widely present in products such as mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, biometric sensors, LED lighting and antenna for the wireless communications.

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