A complete set of services to support your sourcing in China !

ICAPE group brings to you the whole set of professional services that you are entitled to expect:


Sales services

Our group is established in many countries (please see the contacts list). Our sales engineers are at your service all around the world.

Engineering support

Our engineering team in China checks your technical files and data before transferring them to factories for production.

Logistic services

Our logistic team and our platforms in Hong Kong take care of the transport optimization for your goods. (freight costs negotiation, groupage, transport by express, air, sea or sea-air)


Quality support

Our quality team in China fights on quality issues. We continuously check the PPM reject rate levels of our suppliers and we set up all necessary actions plans and corrective actions when needed.

Audit support

We audit regularly all our suppliers and we issue professional audit reports. We qualify our partner factories based on both quality and ethical criteria.

Technical expertise

Our fully trained sales engineers and our professional technical team provide you with all necessary advice and deeper analysis when needed.


Purchasing support

Our purchasing team in China fights for you on prices and works every day on our supplier’s matrix evolution. We always try to provide you with the best mix ratios for quality/price/service.

Financial support and insurance

Our group has a solid finance organization that you are welcome to utilize. We also have a very serious “General liability insurance” to cover all customers potential damages due to our products.

Network support

Our group constantly works on the network of suppliers in the different fields, consequently offering a large choice of available technologies and a wide range of products.


Strategic support

We advise our customers from a strategic point of view, warning them at the earliest stage every time it is necessary. We also inform them regularly about all important events happening on the market and with our suppliers.

Ethic support

Our group has developed ethic codes for its employees and for its suppliers. We run ethic audits in our supplier’s factories, making sure that they respect a minimum of rules in the following fields: labor laws, environment, security, human being, China laws.


For all these reasons and thanks to its professional services, ICAPE Group has become year after year the preferred partner of a permanently increasing number of customers all around the world.