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Technical Conferences on Printed Circuit Boards

ICAPE Group launches for the second year a complete program of technical conferences on Printed Circuit Boards!

ICAPE Group, European leader in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) production and Custom-made Technical parts from China, today announced the official launch of its second year complete program of technical conferences on Printed Circuit Boards, starting April 2016. 8 sessions to cover all the fields of the core business of the Group!

“ICAPE Group is specialized in technical consulting and Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) sourcing in Asia for 17 years now. Year after year, ICAPE Group has developed its organization and its level of services in all fields of this activity. With 84M€ of sales in 2015 (+20% vs 2014), ICAPE Group is one of the leading actors in its field in France and Europe.”, said Loïc PASCO, ICAPE Technical and Marketing Director.

With its strong organization, and conscious of its responsibilities, ICAPE group has recently integrated the needs to better structure the technical support to its customers and to the market. During the past years, many PCB factories have disappeared in France and Europe, as a result, a significant part of technical knowledge and potential technical support have also vanished. “ continued Loic PASCO “, For several months, we have analyzed and structured the market needs in terms of technical training and general training in the field of PCB. We have synthesized them into 8 key themes / technical days and dispatched them among our senior engineers expert in PCB. Each engineer / manager is responsible for building his best expertise in his field and for preparing professional presentations accordingly.”


April 19 day dedicated to consumer Pcb and application.

April 27/28 days for the PCB Manufacturing Process, which will cover the materials, products, finishing and main manufacturing process.

May 11 day on Multilayer technologies and HDI

May 18 day on Flexible and Flex-Rigid PCB

May 25/28 CIPEM-technical parts : Power supply, cables+connectors, batteries, LCD+keyboards.

June 1/2 days for the PCB quality, quality management, IPC standards.

June 8 day for Design to cost in general.

June 15 day on technologies for Lighting and Power Electronics, and so on technologies of PCB on aluminum and thick copper.

“These conferences are free of charge, and will be held in our conference center in Fontenay Aux Roses, south of Paris. In general, lectures will be provided in English but could be also in French, depending on the attendance. Should you be interested, please check detailed schedule and program by contacting us”Concluded Loic PASCO.

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