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ICAPE Group moves its European headquarters to a 1500 m2 new office & boosts its new service IQTS - 5 days!

ICAPE Group, European leader in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) production and Custom-made Technical parts from China, today announced the forthcoming move of its European headquarters to a 1500 m2 large new office, and the very successful start of its new service IQTS (ICAPE Quick Turn Services), with PCB delivered now in 5 days, every day, end to end!

“To accompany our quick growth during the last years, +30% per year since 2011 and +18% in 2014”, said Thomas CHEA, ICAPE Vice President Asia and Group Marketing, “We have decided to move our European headquarters to a much larger site of 1500 m2, at Fontenay Aux Roses town, few kilometers from Paris by end of January 2015. This new location will host 3 entities of our Group, -ICAPE Holding, ICAPE France and CIPEM France-, and it will be also our European conference center and logistic platform for our new service IQTS,“ continued Thomas CHEA, “ In October 2014, we introduced IQTS to serve our customers in very small volume PCB and short lead time, typically 5 days, end to end. Since then, we have received very positive answer from the market, especially in Europe, and this new logistic platform will further increase our efficiency by extra storage capacity and extra dedicated staff, to always better serve our customers!”

“About the PCB Technical conferences, one of our new activities in 2015, we will make another announcement very soon” Concluded Thomas CHEA.

Please visit us at our forthcoming exhibitions in USA, Russia and Brazil !

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