Special PCBs technologies

Rich portfolio of Special PCBs at competitive costs from China !

• PCBs on aluminum or steel base plate (power electronics, LED lighting, electric motors)
• PCBs on Teflon raw material (radio frequency and antenna applications)
• PCBs on epoxy/ceramic raw material. (for low cost high frequency applications)
• Golden PCBs with hard Gold for rotating contacts
• Thick copper PCBs: SS, DS PTH and ML (power electronics)
• PCBs with Invar, Molybdenum, etc... (aeronautic applications)
• Very long PCBs (antenna applications)
• Golden PCBs for COB (Chip On Board)
• Multilayer PCB with controlled impedance
• PCBs with embedded thick copper tracks
• Single side PCBs with inserted rivets
• Low cost aluminum PCBs for lighting applications

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