Multi-layer PCBs, HDI, Thick Copper, Thin Core, Microvia, blind via

Complete range of Multi-layer PCBs at competitive costs from China !

Multi-layer PCBs :

•    Standard products (4, 6 layers), FR4, photo-sensitive soldermask
•    Special types (thick copper, thin core, hard gold, etc...)
•    High layer count (8 to 20 layers).
•    High Density Interconnection (HDI): micro-via technology, build-up construction, laser holes, very small tracks, etc…
•    Low cost CPTH: polymer conductive holes with copper paste. 4 layers, FR4
•    Back panels : thick PCBs, press-fit technology, large size PCBs

Multilayer PCB is not only well present in high tech products (e.g. mobile phones, tablet computers, mother boards etc), but also in automotive equipment such as gas injection control and instrumentations, as well as industrial metering and telemetry solutions.

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Example of HDI stack-up